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Proceedings of the Vilm Workshop "Global Geoheritage - International Significance and Biodiversity Values" are now online and can be downloaded here

Linking geodiversity and biodiversity - An agenda for developing more integrated nature conservation and protected area management

A tribute to Simon Pepper

International tribute to Andres Arnalds

Watson Birds Update - December 2018

Royal Society of Edinburgh calls for post Brexit environment improvements:

Opinion on current issues

1) Proposed Galloway National Park: Response to November 2018 Update - January 2019

2) Roger calls for better protection of Scotland's scenery and landscapes - Paper - Nov 2018

3) Roger’s advice for establishing the brilliant idea of the Heart of Iceland National Park

4) Biodiversity In Scotland: 2018 and Beyond - April 2018

5) Arctic Issue of the Geographer: A Geographer's Perspective and Draft Editorial

6) Roger calls for meeting the challenges of the land:

7) Watch Roger's Lecture Looking After Scotland's Nature - Jan 2018

8) Roger’s critique of the Galloway National Park proposals - Jan 2018

9) Roger criticises the outlandish ideas for an electricity cable from Iceland to Britain

10) Roger identifies the three key issues for sustainable development - Jan 2018

11) Roger provides an environmental agenda for the Icelandic Government - Dec 2017

12) Putting Geoheritage Conservation on All Agendas - Article - July 2017

Current Titles

  • Fair Isles & Fine Sailing - Celebrating Sixty Years of Cruising - The National Trust for Scotland
  • Healing the Land: the story of land reclamation and soil conservation in Iceland. Soil Conservation Service of Iceland, Gunnarsholt, Iceland
  • Co-Editor - Ecosystems and Health: A UK Perspective from The Sibthorp Trust. Distributed by NHBS
  • Editor - Climate Change Action After Copenhagen and Cancún: What Next? Published by the Sibthorp Trust
  • Co-author - Land of Mountain and Flood: the Geology of Scotland, published by Birlinn, April 2007, reprinted in hardback 2017
  • Co-Editor - Conserving nature: Scotland and the wider world™ essays to commemorate J Morton Boyd, published by John Donald, December 2005

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