Articles, Papers and Speeches

roger croft In this section of the website you can view or download a selection of my articles, papers and speeches. Due to the volume of material, they have been sub divided into relevant categories. Some items appear in more than one category.

Agriculture - focus is on reform of the Common Agriculture Policy, on roles of farmers and crofters, and on soil conservation.

Climate Change - focus is on my work with the Crichton Carbon Centre and the Sibthorp Trust.

Duddingston Village - focus is on community land restoration and management, and on traffic management issues.

Ecosystems and Ecological Connectivity - focus is on the ecosystem approach and on ecological connectivity.

Energy - focus is on Scotland’s energy position and the need for changes in policy and practice.

Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere - latest information on SCIO approval, celebration and launch, and National Park proposals.

Geography - focus is on value and use of geography and the role of geographers.

Geoheritage and geoconservation - focus is on effective management of natural resources and natural processes, and on telling in an accessible way the story of Scotland’s earth history.

Iceland - focus is on improving stewardship of natural resources, restructuring agencies dealing with the environment, safeguarding areas of primary ecological and environmental value, and conserving soils.

Landscape - focus is on principles and policies for landscapes, on action for landscape protection, and on landscape perceptions.

Magnus Magnusson - from Oxford National Dictionary of Biography.

Plants and Plantlife - focus is on strategies for plant conservation and on policies and progress of Plantlife International.

Protected Areas - focus is on defining requirements for protected areas, protected areas management, identifying the characteristics of the best and worst types of protected areas, developing the protected areas agenda from the Durban World Parks Congress onwards.

Scotland's Environment - focus is on environmental management, heritage, land stewardship, recreation and access, energy policy and action, planning, and specific cases.

Scottish National Heritage - major speeches and presentations about SNH and its work during the decade I was the CEO.

Soils - focus is on soil stewardship, and the requirements for integrated and comprehensive approaches.

Sustainable Developments - focus is on action for sustainable development primarily in Scotland.

Watson Bird Centre/Dalry Bird Town - Stimulated by the work of Donald and Jeff Watson, the vision is to inspire, enthuse and engage local communities and visitors and to encourage economic development by linking birds, landscape, arts and community in the Glenkens, and especially St John's Town of Dalry.


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