Career Highlights

  • Introducing scientific analysis and resource management techniques into management of Scottish coastlines

  • Influenced the speed and allocation of offshore oil exploration licenses through analytical advice to the Secretary of State for Scotland

  • Led ground breaking government white paper on Scotland’s natural heritage

  • Led introduction of first statutory provision on sustainable development Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act 1991

  • Developed first ever 25 year strategy, programme and plans Natural Heritage Futures described as imaginative, challenging and worthwhile and still in use a decade on

  • Led international group in fashioning the Durban Accord and Action Plan approved with acclamation by 3,000 attendees at the World Parks Congress 2003

  • Lead contributor and secretary to committees of inquiry on two seminal Royal Society of Edinburgh reports on energy and future of the hills and islands. Latter led to Scottish Land Use Strategy provision in Climate Change (Scotland ) Act 2009

  • Devising suite of ideas and plans for Watson Bird Centre and Celebration a £1.5m project in Galloway

  • Publishing with two colleagues the definitive layman’s book on the geology and landforms of Scotland

  • Contribution through advising, public speaking and writing to improving organisation and management of Iceland’s environment commended by President, Ministers and Soil Conservation Service

  • High commendations for work as non-executive director of SAC, Plantlife, NTS, Sibthorp Trust and Royal Geographical Society

  • Recognition from academic, administrative, scientific, international and policy colleagues through a CBE, 2 honorary degrees, IUCN WCPA emeritus status and Packard International Parks Merit Award, 6 fellowships, and 3 medals, Icelandic Order of the Falcon

  • Lead new international definition of a protected area to focus on ‘nature’ and subsequently led establishment of IUCN WCPA Geoheritage Specialist Group

  • Produced a series of papers in international refereed journals on geoheritage conservation and led production of the first international guideline on geoheritage conservation in the IUCN WCPA Guideline Series

  • Led lobbying for nature based solutions for flood protection in the Lothian Esks catchments


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