Agriculture and Land Stewardship

Hine, Becker and Crofts call for a new paradigm in looking after the land - Please click either Pdf or Web page

Oral Evidence to Rural Affairs and Environment Committee - Feb 2011

Scottish Woodland Expansion Advisory Group - Response Dec 2011

Land Use Strategy for Scotland - Call for clarity on making it work in practice Nov 2011

Lost in Translation - Holyrood Magazine RSE Land Use Strategy Letter 5 January 2011

The Royal Society of Edinburgh on A Land Use Strategy For Scotland - A response to the Scottish Government draft Dec 2010

The Royal Society of Edinburgh on Land Use Strategy - Press Release Dec 2010

Inquiry into the Future Support for Scottish Agriculture - Critique of Brian Pack's Interim Report

SAC Managers - 13 May 2010

SAC - Meet Roger Crofts

Is There A Future For The Galloway Uplands? - Bullet Point Speech January 2009

Discussion of options for the Galloway uplands given to the South West Association for Nature Conservation in the light of the RSE report on the Future of the Hills and Islands of Scotland

Royal Society of Edinburgh - The Future of Scotland's Hills and Islands - Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint of key points of RSE Report late 2008/early 2009

Stewarding the Land - From Shambles to Solutions - Bullet Point Speech

Presentation to Edinburgh Agricultural Discussion Circle November 2008 based on key elements of the RSE report on the Future of the Hills and Islands of Scotland

The Future of Scotland's Hills and Islands

Pdf version of RSE full report

The Future of Scotland's Hills and Islands - Summary Report 09/2008

Pdf version of RSE summary report

A Passion for Safeguarding the Natural Environment

A sound knowledge of how government works plus the ability to build bridges with key environmental organisations are two of the reasons Roger Crofts was appointed to the SAC board in 2002. In this interview, he explains how he sees his role and what CAP reform might mean for the environment.

NFUS Conference - Farming and Crofting in Scotlands's Hills and Islands - The Way Ahead

Speech in Oban 1996 examining the basis for amore positive relationship between the natural environment and farmers and crofters.

Scottish Crofters Union Annual Conference 6/11/1997

Scottish Crofters Union Annual Conference - Speech Bullet Points 6/11/1997

Speech examining the need for a new relationship between crofters and the natural heritage and assessing the weaknesses nd strengths of the SSSI system.

Crofting and the Natural Heritage - Finding the Common Ground

My theme is that crofting and the natural heritage should go hand in hand and that the outcome is mutually beneficial to the crofting communities, and to the natural heritage and to society at large. We just have to be sure that we can find common ground to demonstrate in practice what we can achieve.

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