Cockenzie power station site - Letter to East Lothian Courier - 2014

Exploiting Iceland's Geothermal Energy to Solve Europe's Electricity Crisis

Iceland - Our Electricity Salvation?

Beauly to Denny Transmission Line Public Inquiry

Precognition to the Public Local Inquiry December 2006
There is no clear policy justification for the proposed transmission line on the following grounds. First, there is a lack of coherence in UK and Scottish Government policies and strategies for the use of renewable sources of energy. Second, there is no strategy on how the government’s renewables targets for electricity are to be achieved. Third, there is no clearly articulated strategic locational policy for the development of renewables sufficient to justify the need for the proposed transmission line. Fourth, no Strategic Environmental Assessment has been undertaken of onshore wind generation and associated transmission infrastructure policy. Fifth, the planning of renewables infrastructure has been undertaken in an ad hoc fashion and the strategic needs have not been adequately assessed.

Energy - A Great Deal of Hot Air and Little Sense

Article published in IUCN CEESP Policy Matters, 16, 2008 raising fundamental issues about security of energy policy and balancing energy supply and consumption, and providing examples of a strategic approach for Scotland developed by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Scottish Pariament Inquiry into Energy

Submission to Scottish Parliament Inquiry into Energy 2008 setting out 6 key points: need for a Scottish energy strategy, substantial improvements in energy efficiency, reducing fossil fuel use, improving assessment methodologies, achieving diversity and security of supply, and resolving the looming electricity generation gap.

RSE Committee of Inquiry into Energy Issues for Scotland - Final Report

Link to pdf of report date 2006

Energy Issues for Scotland - Powerpoint Slides

RSE Committee of Inquiry into Energy Issues for Scotland - Summary Report

Link to pdf of report date 2006

RSE Committee of Inquiry into Energy Issues for Scotland - A Call For Action

Link to pdf of report date 2006

Nuclear or Not? Can Scotland Survive Without It? - Original Times Article

Article published in The Times newspaper 11/01/2008
The UK and Scottish governments are on divergent courses on the source of new electricity generating capacity. Future electricity generation needs to meet two fundamental objectives: security of supply and carbon emission reduction. What does this mean on practice?

Printed Times Article


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