Geoheritage and geoconservation

Geoconservation in Protected and Conserved Areas (Futures papers) - Parks Stewardship Forum - Jan 2022

Article - Including geoconservation in the management of protected and conserved areas matters for all of nature and people - May 2021

Article - Introducing New Guidelines on Geoheritage Conservation in Protected and Conserved Areas - March 2021

Major report on geoconservation in protected areas released (with Launch Release here) - Nov 2020

Tribute to Graeme Worboys

Proceedings of the Vilm Workshop "Global Geoheritage - International Significance and Biodiversity Values" are now online and can be downloaded here

Linking geodiversity and biodiversity - An agenda for developing more integrated nature conservation and protected area management

Putting Geoheritage Conservation on All Agendas - Article - July 2017

Crofts calls for action to raise profile of geoheritage conservation

Major statement on strategies and action for conserving the Earth’s geodiversity published by Crofts and Gordon

Geoheritage conservation in poster form - 1) Conserving the "Stage"; 2) IUCN Management Categories; 3) Values; 4) Guiding Principles

Roger sets action for outdoors activity and greenspace in Scotland - Please click "The Geographer" talk and editorial - November 2015

Promoting Geodiversity: Learning Lessons from Biodiversity - March 2014

Progress made in promoting geodiversity in recent times is reviewed, concluding that it is now an established component of the Earth Sciences. However, it still lacks the status and standing of biodiversity in governmental, political and public forums. The paper assesses what can be learnt from the experience of the development and promotion of biodiversity. Based on this experience, eight suggestions for increasing the understanding and ownership of geodiversity beyond the Earth science community are provided as a basis for discussion.

Sustaining the Earth's Resources

Article setting out the principles for sustaining the earth’s natural resources given at earth science conference in Malvern 1993 and published in Geological and landscape conservation, Geological Society of London, 1994, 7-10
Many people talk about sustainable economies or sustainable tourism or sustainable rural communities. But they forget that one of the critical elements of sustainable development is about the earth’s resources and how we use them now and how also we want to leave capacity for future generations to use them. So let me start by talking about some perceptions, then give some views about definitions, then give an example from the uplands and finally draw some broad conclusions.

Earth Sciences and the Natural Heritage Conference Dynamic Earth

Sustaining the use of the earth’s resources which includes human society is a fundamental issue if we are to achieve sustainable development.

Geology Section President’s Address - Bullet Point Speech

Key points of Presidential Address to Section C Geology of the British Association for the Advancement of Science Glasgow date 2001. Focusing on the need to make geology. Challenging geologists to throw away the polysyllabic vocabulary and speak in every day language and make the subject accessible to everyone. Specific examples given of good and bad practice.

Telling the Earth's Story

Introduction to a one-day discussion and debate about Telling the Earth’s story at the Geology Section of the British Association of the Advancement of Science Glasgow 2001. This is a major challenge because often the language and concepts of earth science are difficult. But it is exciting, the public is interested, there is new media available.

Do You Know Scotland's History?

Great variety of rocks and landforms: Sansoms Ribs, Black Cuillin, Fannichs corrie, Milarachy shore erosion, coire Lagan screes, Cairngorn pothole, Glencoe from A Eagach, Loch Tay from Lawers, Knockan upside down rocks, Dumbarton to Lomond.


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