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Fifty years on from the Countryside (Scotland) Act: CCS History, Future, Editorial - The Geographer July 2017:

People and Scotland's Environment

Paper written in January 2003 to all candidates for election at the Scottish Parliament Elections in May 2003.

Connecting the Pieces - Scotland's Integrated Approach to the Natural Heritage

Paper dating from turn of the Millennium arguing the case for integrated approaches to the natural heritage as undertaken by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Coastal and Marine National Parks for Scotland: A Contribution to the Debate

Response in 2004 to the Scottish Executive’s proposal to establish a coastal and marine national park provides ideal opportunity for celebrating Scotland’s coastal and marine resources and their sustainable use. Implementation should ensure that an integrated approach is taken on all aspects of the sustainable development of coastal and marine areas, in context of strategic framework for the marine environment.

Reflections on a Decade - Let us be Proud of Our Success - Bullet Point Speech

Article setting out the retiring Chief Executive’s perspective on the successes of the first decade of SNH.

The Development of a New Approach to the Natural Heritage in Scotland

This paper summarises key issues which led to the establishment of Scottish Natural Heritage as the Government’s advisory and executive body in Scotland concerned with wildlife, landscape, environmental education and public access and enjoyment, and sustainability.

Paths for All - The Scottish Way

‘Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great privilege to introduce to you ‘Paths For All - The Scottish Way’. I shall describe our shared vision, explain the need for this stimulating initiative, and the benefits it will capture as it progresses, spell out the vital ingredients (involving all organisations represented here today), and set out SNH’s contribution as an incentive to all others.

Safeguarding Our Natural Assests

Safeguarding our natural assets is by far the most significant area of our work. It Is the one that takes up most staff time. It is the one that takes most of our programme resources. It is the one that is the most strongly underpinned by our range of statutory duties. It is the one on which we work as the agents of Government to ensure that it achieves its obligations under International Conventions and European Directives.

Vibes Award Ceremony

It used to be easy to talk about environment policies. They were all about things we could see – like dirt, litter, and smoke. It was easy to see what had to be done. Simple changes in daily life fixed the problems.

Statement of Common Interest and Cooperation Between the Deer Comission for Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage

When I look at the environmental challenges facing us in Scotland, one of the most important is the management of the uplands, including the deer range. It is an area for protecting in perpetuity the wealth of wild life and landscape, for enhancing it where this is feasible, for providing a source of income and employment for those who own and manage the land, and for providing a source of pleasure and enjoyment for those who seek sporting pursuits and quiet recreational activity.

The Environmental Regeneration Awards

The awards we are celebrating today are another example of partnership, in this case between Scottish Natural Heritage and Scottish Enterprise. The Environmental Regeneration Award is now five years old and was originally set up to do something that no other award scheme within the environmental field in Scotland achieved. That is to identify and mark not only the quality of projects in Scotland’s urban and rural environments but to recognise their positive regenerative effects.

Securing Scotland’s Natural Heritage in Europe

I welcome the opportunity to present the role of Scottish Natural Heritage in Europe. I will focus on four areas of opportunity where existing activity and a more integrated approach to new action at regional, Member State and European-wide level would help to secure Scotland’s natural heritage in Europe. I will conclude by identifying five ingredients to achieve a more integrated approach in the future.

Community Corner and Environmental Regeneration Awards for 1997 - Bullet Point Speech

Scottish Natural Heritage Open Meeting 1998

I welcome the opportunity of giving an account of our past achievements, our current work and our aspirations for the future and introducing our work which you will see displayed around the Centre.

Tailor-made Solutions for Scotland

As this issue of Scotland’s Natural Heritage is published, I am sure that many readers are preparing for the Scottish Parliament. Without doubt this will provide organisations like SNH with many challenges and opportunities. For us the greatest opportunity will be to advise on policies and legislation, tailor-made for Scottish circumstances. In doing so we shall take into account information which we have gathered, the knowledge which we have acquired, and the lessons we have learnt from past experience and from the experience of others.

Launch of Tourism Environment Forum Operational Plan

Argue that the environment is the most under developed part of the tourism product in Scotland. This may seem surprising coming from the Chief Executive of a natural heritage agency but it is nevertheless true. There are some areas at or near carrying capacity from ecological and/or physical and/or perceptual points of view, but there are many others where this is not the case.

Whose Land Is It?

My title of Whose Land Is It? An Agenda For The Scottish Parliament is perhaps pretentious but nevertheless it is very topical from a political point of view, but also from other perspectives: environmental, social and economic. I will address the subject deliberately from an environmental point of view as I do not consider that there has been sufficient attention given to the environmental aspects and that is something which Scottish Natural Heritage is well placed to do.

My Work and Vision for SNH - Bullet Point Speech


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