Roger argues the case for better looking after our landscapes - 20 July 2017

What Landscape Means To Me

Article in Landscape 2002, 3, pp 103-107. A very personal perspective on landscape is provided reflecting on both my up bringing and the knowledge about the development of natural and cultural mixtures in the landscape.

The Cultural Landscape - Planning for a Sustainable Partnership Between People and Place.

Paper given to ICOMOS UK Oxford conference on landscape 2000 and published in ICOMOS UK The Cultural Landscape 2002 drawing the distinction between natural and cultural landscapes, Scotland’s contribution to European landscapes, mechanisms currently available for protecting and managing landscapes, set out the principles for protecting, managing and promoting landscapes.

The Oxford Declaration on Landscape

Declaration by 100 people attending the ICOMOS UK Conference on “Europe: a Common Heritage - the Cultural Landscape” in May 2000, including call for UK to sign the European Landscape Convention.

Caring for the Landscape - Powerpoint Slides

Presentation used for HLF Landscape Partnership training courses 2005 onwards

Action for Landscape in Scotland

Article published following international conference on landscape held in Ireland 1999 Setting out the main issues for the Scottish landscape and the role for Scottish Natural Heritage


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