Iceland Soils Conference - Introductory speech, June 2012

Roger Crofts wins Icelandic Soil Conservation Medal - For his new book Healing the Land - Nov 2011

Celebrating a Centenary of Soils Conservation

Iceland should be proud of its leading role globally in soil conservation and land restoration. Since its formation in 1907, the Icelandic Soil Conservation Service has sought to stabilise the land surface, restore soil, and create useable grazing another farmland.

Iceland International Forum on Soils and Society Rapporteurs Overview

Overview from international forum in Iceland in 2007 setting out key conclusions and the challenges for the future global agenda.

Soil Conservation - Connecting the Pieces

There is no single solution to soil conservation. A six-fold package will be outlined in the paper as follows. First, perceptions of the importance of soil have to be changed to achieve common recognition that soil is a critical element in human survival, essential natural capital, part of healthy ecosystem function and essential for biodiversity conservation. Second, methods for placing a monetary value on soil are needed in order for it to be included in economic accounting systems. Third, knowledge needs to be improved, including soil sensitivity to erosion, and practical soil conservation measures. Fourth, means of knowledge transfer should exist from laboratory to field. Fifth, incentives to stimulate soil stewardship are required. Sixth, a legal framework should encapsulate the package of measures.

IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas & Commission on Ecosystem Management

From the scientific evidence available, it is clear that societies around the world have mismanaged soil over many generations. As a result, in many parts of the world, soil has been lost at a rate greater than its formation and its natural functions have been diminished and degraded. Soil is no longer as productive as it naturally can be. Soil does not act effectively as a store of water and of nutrients. Soil is less resilient to natural events of floods and high precipitation. Soil has lost a great deal of carbon and other critical components to the atmosphere and to the oceans. Soil now has a reduced capacity for carbon storage and is less able to act as a buffer against climate change.

Soil Conservation in Iceland - Celebrating a Century and Looking Forward - Powerpoint Presentation


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